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                  • PRODUCT LIST

                  Huadong Screen Co.,LTD

                  Contact person:Mr Lei


                  +86 13525069979 (Jordan)

                  +86 15937323101(Lucy)


                  +86 0373-5420586 OR

                  +86 0373-2815986


                  +86 0373-5420106 OR

                  +86 0373-2815986



                  Address:Dakuai Industrial Park,Fengquan District,Xinxiang City,Henan Province,China

                  Johnson well screen Johnson well screen
                  Product Introduction:

                  Johnson well screen is also called wedge wire screen or continuous slotscreen,which consists of wedge-shape profile wire and the longitudinal supportrods. each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded.so water wellscreen has sturdy constriction and good mechanical property.the wedge-shapesection plane can avoid blockage,and make sure of the unimpeded water.theconsecutive slot have more open area,and water well screen can reduce the speedof the water entering to aviod the sand entering the screen under the greatpressure,so wedge wire water well screen pipes can filter sand better.meanwhile ,the slot can change according tothe real condition of the earth.