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English name: 1H-Indene; Indonaphthene; Technical indene 
CAS No.: 95-13-6 
Molecular formula: C9H8 
Molecular weight: 116.16 
content: 96% 
Physicochemical properties: 
colorless transparent oily liquid 
Relative density: 0.9915 (25/4 ° C) Freezing point: -1.8 ° C Heat of fusion: (temporary information) Boiling point: 182.6 ° C Evaporation heat: (temporary information) Flash point: 78.33 ° C specific heat capacity: (temporary Lack of data) Refractive index: 1.5762 (20 ° C) Solution : insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, acetone, benzene, pyridine. Other properties: easy to oxidize in air, exposed to air and sunlight to form a polymer. When contacted with sulfuric acid, aluminum trichloride (AlCl3) and other Lewis acids, a colorless resin is obtained. The 2,3-position double bond is easily added, such as hydrogenation, hydrogen chloride addition, and chlorine addition. The methylene group is acidic, and a metal derivative such as sodium or lithium can be obtained.

Mainly used in the production of 茚-Gumalon resin. 
The raw material of 茚-Gumalon resin is a 160-215 ° C fraction distilled from heavy benzene and light oil fractions, which contains roughly 6% of styrene, 4% of coumarone, 40% of hydrazine, and 4% of methyl styrene. % and a small amount of compounds such as xylene and toluene, the total amount of resin accounts for 60-70% of the raw material. The ruthenium and coumarone fractions are polymerized under pressure or without pressure under the action of a catalyst such as aluminum chloride, boron fluoride or concentrated sulfuric acid to form a ruthenium-gumalon resin. 
Can be mixed with other liquid hydrocarbons as a coating solvent. It can also be used as an intermediate in insecticides or mixed with other liquid hydrocarbons as a coating solvent and 
packaging for storage and transportation:

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